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Valentine’s Day 2021 Collection

Chocolate Explosion Box!

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Chocolate Explosion Box!



Chocolate Explosion Box 💞

  • 2x oreos
  • 4x maltesers
  • 2x fruit & nuts 
  • 2x chocolate almonds
  • 8x Mars bars
  • 8x snickers
  • 6x milkyways
  • 4x dairy milks
  • 4x picnics
  • 2x crunchies
  • 3x freddos
  • 2x caramello koalas
  • 4x m&m’s
  • 6x heart chocolates 


In a Explosion box ❤️ 




While every consideration and care is taken in the preparation of your order for delivery, we cannot accept responsibility for breakages and/or melting.

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