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12 Days Of Christmas Doggy Stocking

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12 Days Of Christmas Doggy Stocking

Your 12x day's of Christmas stocking will include: 

- Smokey bacon sausage
- Beef hoof
- Pork trotter
- Chicken foot
- Chicken neck
- Tuna biscuit
- Chicken wing
- Roo bone
- Lamb sausage 
- Christmas toy
- Turkey neck
- Roo tail 

all wrapped in a Christmas stocking 🐶

** If you have a smaller pooch or an older dog that might not handle the toughness of some of these treats please pick the softer option & we will substitute the tough treats to suit.**

At Doggy Madness your dogs health and well being is very important to us and that is why we stock 100% Australian, pure, natural healthy treats - free of all chemicals, preservatives and additives. Please always supervise your pet when eating any treat and have water available. 

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