Stuffed Balloons can NOT be posted. A $5 fee will be charged if we have to refund for not being able to pick up from Park Ridge/Heritage Park Qld. Kind Regards

Choose Your Own Dad Items Gift Balloon!

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Choose Your Own Dad Items Gift Balloon!

This balloon includes a
- Throw blanket
- A mars bag of chocolates &
- A cadbury bag of chocolates And the 8 items you will choose. 

Colour themes will be either blue, green or red mixed with white, silver or black ribbons. 

We will be in contact with you to find out what items you have chosen out of the following.. 

Choose 3 of these..
DadCanHolder, DadPen, DateNotePad, DadKeyring, DadBottleOpenerKeyring, DadTool, PartyMix, Chocolates.

Choose 3 of these..
DadCarBin, DadChamois, DadTapeMeasure, DadCoolerBag, DadSoap, DadSunglasses.

Choose 2 of these.. 

 DadSocks, DadGroomingSet, DadCoolingTowel, DadToolKit, DadCoffeeTravelMug, DadHat, DadTravelBag.

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