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Christmas Advent Calendars For Dogs!!

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Christmas Advent Calendars For Dogs!!
Christmas Advent Calendars For Dogs!!

Don't forget your furry friend this Christmas!! 

Please only read on if you don't want your advent calendar to be a mystery! 

Christmas Doggy Advent Calendar Includes.. 
Smokey Bacon Sausage, Pork snout, Pork trotter, Turkey neck, Chicken foot, Shark tail, Beef hoof, Roo sausage, Turkey sausage, Pigs ear, Lamb bone, Roo bone, Roo tail, Chicken wing, Chicken sausage, Liver treats, Roo treats, Chicken neck, Cheese + Bacon biscuit, Liver biscuit, Sweet potato + Carrot stick, Dental stick, 2x Christmas toys. All wrapped in a Christmas bag. 

** If you have a smaller pooch or an older dog that might not handle the toughness of some of these treats please pick the softer option & we will substitute the tough treats to suit.**

*These cute Christmas toys are not for the strong chewers or If your dog has out grown toys, please write that in the notes section at checkout & we will substitute these for some more yummy treats!*

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